Let me explain how you can recover from depression and anxiety

Is today the day you change your life?

Every day sufferers from depression and anxiety are able to reclaim their lives. By following a well designed program of change over a series of weeks. The neural networks that create and maintain depression and anxiety are replaced with normal and natural patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Retraining your brain like this is a reliable, repeatable and sure way to feeling better, functioning better and regaining your place in the world.

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With the Mood Control CBT System you will learn to deal with your psychological problems, and as a result;

  • Feel better and free of low mood within weeks
  • Banish anxiety
  • Feel emotionally stronger
  • Achieve greater self esteem
  • Regain your sense of control of life

You probably know that depression and anxiety are wide-spread problems. Throughout my career as a Chartered Psychologist and CBT therapist delivering face to face therapy I’ve treated many hundreds of clients struggling with depression and anxiety. With my ground breaking computerised CBT systems I have treated thousands of clients for depression and anxiety. I am a scientist and I measure success with data and client reports. The fact is my computerised CBT systems are highly effective in treating depression and anxiety.

You can begin to overcome depression and anxiety right now!

“Mood control has really helped me see the bigger picture of why I behave in certain ways. But almost more importantly, as an online course, it offers manageable tools and tricks to help me change some of the faulty thinking I’ve fallen prey to. Overall Mood Control offers support, motivation and inspirational examples of how to move out of depression, anxiety and low mood, all of which is helping me move my life forward.” Brian (46)

So how do you go about treating anxiety or depression as a psychological problem?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one way. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s the best treatment for depression and anxiety and I’ll shout it from the roof tops. I’ve given interviews to the media and talks all over the world about the benefits of this psychological treatment. CBT therapy is a talking therapy that can help you challenge negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It’s a highly successful treatment for anxiety and depression and it’s been extensively researched.

Where can you get CBT therapy?

There are dedicated CBT therapists but the problem is that demand far exceeds supply meaning you could have a long wait for an appointment. If you decide to skip the queues and pay privately you’ll find that CBT therapist appointments can be expensive. In the UK, for example, you can expect to pay £80-£100 per private session and in the USA CBT can typically cost more than $100 per session. A normal course of CBT of 16 – 20 sessions as recommended by National Institute of Health and clinical excellence (NICE) for the treatment of depression would normally cost you around £1600 – £2000 (or $2500 – $3000). But it would definitely help you.


With the Mood Control CBT System you can begin treatment right away.

This sought-after membership program is a comprehensive CBT system that delivers the full personalised CBT therapy experience straight to you in your home via the Internet on your personal Mood Control dashboard. You can access it anywhere you are. Your 13 week program includes the following Mood Control coaching sessions

  • Session One – Getting Started
  • Session Two – External Causes
  • Session Three – Life Drivers
  • Session Four – Low Mood
  • Session Five – Bringing it Together
  • Session Six – Tolerating Uncertainty
  • Session Seven – Control
  • Session Eight – Increasing Confidence
  • Session Nine – Faulty Thinking
  • Session Ten – Attention Bias
  • Session Eleven – Negative Thinking
  • Session Twelve – Self Esteem
  • Session Thirteen – Relapse Prevention

And that’s not all.You’ll also gain immediate access to over 200 audio-visual resources and a wealth of downloadable material. You’ll be in the very best hands with my revolutionary Mood Control CBT system. I’ve already seen what this system has done for numerous patients. I want to see you have the same results, too.

“I have worked through all of Dr Purves’ excellent Mood Control sessions. I found the material extremely helpful. Time and again the practical explanations and suggestions would strike a real chord with me raising my mood and giving me insight and tools to use on an ongoing basis.”
Imagine being able to try out a product without any risk. Now it’s a reality! You can access the Mood Control CBT System for just $14.50 per week (billed monthly).  If after subscribing you are not delighted with how Mood Control helps you to change your life, then simply let me know and receive a full 30 day refund… no questions asked. Why? Because what better way for me to prove that the Mood Control System really is as good as I say it is? What better way for you to decide if this is the best treatment for depression and anxiety that you’ve ever tried? Picture yourself having all the power because you have four weeks to try out Mood Control without any risk. Envision being able to cancel your subscription for a full 30 day refund and still keeping all that you’ve learned! That’s $58 for four therapy sessions and so much more. This amount is just a small fraction of the cost of fact-to-face CBT therapy and you can start your sessions right now.

As you can see everything you need for your recovery is included in this complete set of CBT coaching sessions. The Mood Control CBT System is the very largest CBT resource that exists on the internet. In addition to the coaching sessions you’ll have 24/7 access to over 200 audio-visual resources and will receive weekly bonuses. You are ready to begin your recovery, aren’t you? Great, let’s move forward.

I Want Instant Access Now!

  • Yes I’m ready to get 24 hours 7 days a week access to the Mood Control CBT System as soon as possible
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  • My CBT therapy coaching sessions which I can begin straight away
  • Bonus materials which are key to my personal development including a free electronic copy of the incredible must-read classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • A gold mine of additional resources which will support my coaching sessions
  • A rich source of special features which will open up my mind to my true capabilities
  • The indispensable seven rules of Active Self Help
  • A dedicated area jammed with tools and advice to teach me exactly how I can stop worrying
  • I also understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server and once it is processed I will be able to access the Mood Control CBT System immediately
  • Finally I understand that if for any reason I am not completely satisfied and don’t feel that Mood Control is the best treatment for depression and anxiety I will receive a prompt 100% refund of the full purchase price

Take advantage of this special offer now and imagine minutes from now what you will be learning …

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Still Unsure? Did You Know That We’ve Made This Offer 100% Completely No-Risk For You, Plus We Offer A Full 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee?

You really don’t have to subscribe now but STOP and ask yourself where you will be in one week if you don’t try out the Mood Control System right now. I know for a fact, 100% no questions about it, not even a second thought, that the Mood Control CBT System is powerful and that it works. I understand that you might be sceptical and I want to reassure you. I want you to be 100% happy with your subscription which is why if you feel it’s not for you I promise to refund your money under our 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. “I am just finishing session 7 of mood control. I was quite apprehensive of cost but have to say this is money well spent and excellent value. I now understand that most of my anxiousness is down to the way I perceive problems (life processes now) and you have given me clarity to understand and change the way I think. Already I feel so much more in control as I can recognise my belief systems and thought processes that make me feel so apprehensive and literally I am able to tell myself to ‘stop it,’ hopefully that will become second nature. I do not tolerate uncertainty at all and I am working on increasing my tolerance levels. A lot of these things I did by habit and not realising they were contributing to the way I felt. Thank you for enlightening me.” L.S England Can the Mood Control CBT System really help you overcome your depression and anxiety? Is Mood Control really the best treatment for depression and anxiety? All the tools are there. See for yourself. YOU be the judge. You really have nothing to lose. I’m taking all the risk by offering such a bold guarantee. I truly believe that the Mood Control CBT System will make such a huge difference to your life. See for yourself! Remember, changing your life is a journey. I wish you a good journey. Thank you so much for your order. I can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on. Yours faithfully   Dr David Purves Chartered Psychologist and CBT Therapist